Start this trip with breakfast on the beach. Explore windswept castles, fuelled by cream teas and Cornish pasties, before you move on to bathe in Roman springs, visit the house where the Planet Uranus was discovered before going further back in time to climb cathedral spires and witness Stonehenge’s prehistoric stones.

Day One
Explore Truro

Take the overnight Riviera train from London, enjoy cocktails on board and wake up by the sea.

Next Stop Bath
  • 3hr 15 min / 189 miles
  • 4hr 46 min
Day Two
Historic gateway to the South West

The city of Bath is a designated World Heritage Site and represents some of the finest architectural sights in Europe.

Next Stop Salisbury
  • 1hr 8 min / 40 miles
  • 1hr 5 min
Day Three
Timeless Salisbury

The Cathedral city of Salisbury is the ideal fusion of ancient and modern, where medieval magnificence meets contemporary culture.