The route north from London starts from Kings Cross station, home of Platform 9 3/4 for trains to Hogwarts. But you can take a real train to find sanctuary in the Cathedral, dodge scary pigeons and Britain’s wickedest woman, before picking up the Harry theme again to wander the winding streets of medieval Diagon Alley, before ducking under them to meet Vikings. Then find the tallest building in the world (in 1311), the first recognized contract between a king and his people, and the steepest coffee shops on ‘Britain’s Best Street’.


Day One
This is Durham

The  city  of  Durham,  complete  with  its  world-famous  Cathedral,  quaint  winding  cobbled  streets  and  relaxing  riverside  walks,  lies  to  the  north  east  of  England.

Next Stop York
  • 1hr 30 min / 70 miles
  • 50 min
Day Two
A vibrant, exciting, festival city with world-class visitor attractions

Perfectly  placed  half-way  between  Edinburgh  and  London, York  is  unlike  any  other  English  city. 

Next Stop Lincoln
  • 1hr 44 min / 80 miles
  • 1hr 42 min
Day Three
Visit Lincoln

Magna Carta, Britain’s best street and the Lincoln Imp.