Welcome to Worcester

Worcester is one of the oldest cities in the country, with evidence of settlements here dating back to 700BC. The city was fortified in Saxon times and our history can still be seen in the landscape today, from cobbled Tudor streets to elegant Queen Anne architecture. The street layout hasn’t changed since the middle ages and the city’s High Street follows the Roman thoroughfare.

Step back in time

See the remains of the Castle Walls
Wander down Friar Street with its black and white buildings and quaint cobbled streets. Discover museums and National Trust gardens and at the bottom, you’ll see Edgar Tower, the last remaining part of the Castle Walls.

The Commandery
Our role in the English Civil Role

Encounter the past brought to life in a beautiful Grade I listed building with an 800-year history. Set in the heart of historic Worcester, The Commandery is most famous for being the Royalist  Headquarters during the deciding battle of the English Civil War – the Battle of Worcester 1651.

Birthplace of Sir Edward Elgar

Dedicated to the composer of Land of Hope and Glory, this humble cottage provides a glimpse of his origins and early life.