Be inspired by a City of History, Culture and world-changing Discoveries

Packed full of stunning architecture and nature, Cambridge is a beautiful university town renowned for its impact on history. The tightly packed city centre is perfect for exploring ancient colleges, cobbled streets and the picturesque “Backs” alongside the River Cam.

Experience Cambridge

A city that celebrates quintessential England with pioneering scientific research.

With famous alumni such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Professor Stephen Hawking, you’ll be following in some famous footsteps. See the colleges where these great minds studied and be inspired by the same surroundings which changed the course of history.

Grab a pint at the Eagle Pub, the birthplace of the discovery of DNA and haven for WW2 airmen, or take a peek inside the stunning King’s College Chapel, an astounding piece of Gothic architecture which took over a century to build. Watch time go by at the Corpus Clock as the Chronophage or “time-eater” devours each minute of the day atop one of the most unique clocks in the world.

Explore the lesser known stories of the city, and don’t forget to take time to wander beyond the university. The cobbled streets, filled with the whirr of bicycle wheels, are packed with independent restaurants, proper British pubs and a thriving market whilst cows wander across riverside paths without a care in the world.

Travel back in time

With over 800 years of history, tread in the footsteps of many famous faces, including Charles Darwin, James Watson and France Crick, Rosalind Franklin, Sylvia Plath and Professor Stephen Hawking.

Need more famous names to impress you? Cambridge can also boast of William Wordsworth, Samuel Pepys, Virginia Woolf, Stephen Fry and Prince Charles as alumni of the university.

Things to Do