With all the years of history, it’s no wonder some of these cities are viewed as the most haunted in Britain! Take yourself on a paranormal adventure of ghost tours and haunted buildings in these 14 historic cities across England.  



Silent Disco Ghost Tour    

This unique ghost tour allows you to follow the footsteps of a nameless ghost hunter who left behind a sinister soundtrack for you to listen to as you dance your way through this spine-chilling adventure. Take your ghost hunting to the next level by staying the night in the supposedly haunted Francis Hotel – hopefully the former housekeeper won’t keep you up all night!  



Cambridge ghost tours   

Cambridge Ghost Tour will take you through the creepy lamp-lit back streets of the city, visiting the most haunted spots along the way. Learn the tale of the infamous ‘Black Shuck’ and try to spot this dog of Fens on your journey. Hear the stories of paranormal activity and learn how to properly hunt Ghosts!   



Canterbury tours (Ghost Tour)  

Join the award winning Ghost Hunter, John Hippisley, on a unique journey through Canterbury which is full of history, humour and hauntings! Hear stories of what the Canterbury Cathedral guards have encountered at night and learn why you should never play around with a Quija board!  




Carlisle Castle 

Carlisle Castle is over 900 years old and can be seen on an episode of Most Haunted which explores the dark history of this location. Due to its location near the Scottish boarder, the castle has a long and violent history. It is most famous prisoner was Mary Queen of Scots in 1568. During construction in the 1830s, a women’s skeleton was discovered bricked up in the walls, her identity is still a mystery but she is believed to still wander the grounds. 



Chester Ghost Tour  

With over 2,000 years of rich history that includes hundreds of Ghost sighting, Chester claims to be amongst one of the most haunted cities in all of Britain. Learn about Chester’s mysterious past on this night-time journey through creepy haunts of the city. If you are looking for a bit more Dark History, pay a visit to Sick to Death where you can meet the Grim Reaper and learn about the gory history of medicine.  


City of London 

Cloak and Dagger tour 

Meet your guide (who will be in full costume as a historical figure) in front of the George Inn. From there you will explore the dark and horrible history of London. This immersive and interactive tour is unlike an ghost experience you’ve had before and ends with a re-enactment of a vengeful murder (in the room where it happened 300 year ago)! If you want more daytime ghostly haunts, make sure to visit the Tower of London where 13 ghosts, including Anne Boleyn and Henry VI, are believed to haunt the grounds.   



Haunted Urban exploring tour of Durham 

This tour is not for the faint of heart! It crosses boundaries by exploring abandon buildings in small groups (this may or may not involve trespassing…) becoming your own film documentary makers with your phones as cameras, keeping an eye out for any haunting. Get a rush of adrenaline as you participate in a haunted hide & seek for a demonic Quija board and examine abandon items including toys left behind.  



Ghoulish Ghost Tour in Greenwich 

During this night time adventure, wander the streets of Greenwich where the souls of both perpetrators and victims of some of London’s most brutal crimes are thought to still roam. Hear exciting and scary tales of the hidden alleyways and old palace on this side of town.  



Pendle Witches Ghost Walk 

Join this interactive Ghost Tour in following the final footsteps of the Pendle Witches through their trial and execution. Follow the journey of their incarceration and execution and visit the location where the ten Pendle Witches were believed to be hanged at Gallows Hill in 1612 and buried in unmarked graves not too far away. Also while in Lancaster, make sure the check out Lancaster Castle which offers a paranormal tour that highlights their dark and bloody history.  




Lincoln Ghost Walk  

Lincoln Ghost Walk was inspired by the owned (unknowingly) moving into a haunted cottage in Lincolnshire which had an unfriendly man and ghost cat living there! They were enjoyed hearing other people tell tale of hauntings and have had photographs of ghosts taken during their walks! Learn a bit of history and hear ghost stories as you explore the city. During your visit, make sure to check out Lincoln Castle which is known for hauntings within the castle walls! 



Oxford Official Ghost Tour 

Author of ‘Haunted Oxford’ is the guide for this Official Oxford Ghost Tour. Explore spooky sites and learn about famous ghosts. Reviews claim the tour is as good as the book! If you want more ghostly experiences stay the night at The Old Bank Hotel and take a tour of the Oxford Castle & Prison which has a terrifyingly dark history.   




The Rifles Museum Ghost Hunts 

From footsteps and ghost siting’s to books flying off shelves, The Rifles Museum has a long history of paranormal activity. Take ghost hunting to the next level with an overnight stay at The Rifles Museum, these ghost hunts can be rather intense, do you have what it takes to join The Rifles Museum Ghost Hunt? If you aren’t up for an overnight adventure, head over to Salisbury Cathedral where visitors and staff have experienced strange ghostly phenomenons.   



Tudor World Ghost Tour 

Tudor World has been called the Most Haunted Building in England by Terry Deary, author of Horrible Histories! Take the Ghost Tour to learn about the ghostly occurrences and history of the building and around Stratford upon Avon. Although this tour is not a ghost hunt, many have reported to feeling a presence or being ‘touched’ while on the tour! With the proper insurance you can even hire out the building for an overnight stay (if you’re feeling brave enough).   



Historic Ghost walk of Worcester 

Historic Ghost Walk will take you behind doors normally locked to the public to learn about history and paranormal experiences in one of the most haunted cities of Britain. Enter some of Worcester’s iconic buildings on this night-time adventure. If you want some extra ghostly experiences on your trip, stay the night at Mug House Inn which was built on the grounds of an old Church graveyard where people have witnessed doors opening and closing or heard footsteps from invisible people! 




The Bloody Tour of York  

Mad Alice will take you on a journey through the dark side streets of York while telling you stories of the gruesome history which includes executions, invasion and even heads on spikes! Learn about the true history of this famous city on this tour which has won the York Culture Award for Performing Artist in 2016.